Hi, I’m Leslie. I’ve been a registered dietitian nutritionist for 10+ years.

Like you, I’ve been struggling with all the changes that come with perimenopause, which is why I created my signature program to help you alleviate symptoms through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

As your nutrition coach, I will help you ditch the things that no longer serve you (diets, intense workouts, etc.) and teach you a new way of thinking about food and your body.

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When I started going through perimenopause in my early 40’s, I was lost and confused. I thought something serious was wrong and started to gain weight, despite not changing a thing! This was extremely frustrating and made me feel disconnected to my own body.

That’s why I decided to make it my mission to help women navigate all the changes that come with perimenopause using a balanced approach, so that no one has to just suffer through it on their own. 

You Can Have a Healthy & Happy Perimenopause

Learn natural ways to alleviate your symptoms 


Learn a new way of thinking about food and your body.

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